Filled to the brim with the freshest and tastiest Cornish skirt beef and vegetables, then wrapped in our special shortcrust pastry; our pasties are a true artisan product. 

Available at our shop, various outlets around Cornwall, online and for wholesale nationwide.

About Us

Since 1978 we have been making our award-winning pasties here in Penzance, to a family recipe that has been handed down from generation  to generation.

Each pasty is still made by hand in the traditional way – hand rolled pastry, hand filled and hand crimped – then wrapped in our special pastry. 

We only use the finest ingredients. Local potatoes, onion and swede are freshly prepared each day, and only the very best Cornish skirt goes into the making of our pasties.

From it’s humble roots to today’s artisanal offerings, the Cornish pasty is very much at the heart of Lavenders family bakery.